Dealing with Insider Threats: Too Close for Comfort

The Conference Board of Canada, December 7, 2016
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No workplace is immune to Insider Threats.

From aviation and defence, to manufacturing and information technology security, headlines in recent years have emphasized the fact that any organization can face insider threats—risks posed by rogue employees who deliberately cause harm, or other employees who may be negligent or make inadvertent mistakes in the workplace.

Typically, organizations focus on protecting themselves from external threats, however, outsiders usually lack knowledge about an organization’s vulnerabilities and risk management procedures and resources. Rather, it is people inside or aligned with the organization—employees, contractors, and suppliers—who are better positioned to exploit weaknesses through their organizational knowledge, everyday access to workplace systems and resources, and interactions with co-workers. For this reason, it is true that “while people are an organization’s greatest asset, they are also its most critical vulnerability.”

So what can be done to mitigate insider threats? How can you ensure your organization is protecting itself without alienating your team?

Webinar Highlights

Join Dr. Kabilan for recent developments and new insights on the important topic of insider threats. During this 60 minute webinar, attendees will learn more about:

  • How the Conference Board defines insider threats and the need to encompass non-malicious insiders within this definition.
  • The importance of building a strategy that focuses on the full range of insider threat behaviour, including workplace violence, bullying, corporate espionage, fraud, breach of privacy, and theft.
  • Recent technological advances that can help identify insiders’ risky practices and behaviours early on, before they are turned into harmful action.
  • Strategies for mitigating the potential impact of an insider threat.

About Dr Kabilan

Photo of Satyamoorthy KabilanDr. Satyamoorthy Kabilan is the Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight, with the Conference Board of Canada. In his current position, he leads the National Security and Public Safety (NSPS) team and provides leadership and oversight to all contract research and executive network activities. Dr. Kabilan co-founded and managed two technology start-ups and has been a leader in the UK’s Future Security and Intelligence Outlook Network (FUSION). In addition, he has been involved in developing the UK’s National Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST), supported the capability development of the National Crime Agency, and worked on future force development for the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

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