New Thinking in the Boardroom –Is Your Board Ready?

The Conference Board of Canada, March 16, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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The marketplace is rapidly changing; and it’s as risk-adverse as ever. Given the dynamism of change, organizational leaders –such as yourself –are forced to embrace a new way of thinking. As new technology is introduced and workplace trends evolve, adopting a millennial mindset –a mindset that embraces change, risk, innovative technology, and new style of communication – is becoming the mindset businesses are adopting. This kind of thinking is what is needed in boardrooms. Are you and your colleagues around the boardroom table adopting this mindset? How can you influence your colleagues around the board table to adopt this kind of thinking? Are the "old" ways of thinking and acting holding back the organization you are serving?

Join us as Michelle Tartalio delves deeper into how a millennial mindset will improve boardroom efficiency. You won’t want to miss this chance to grasp a better understanding of how Millennials adopt technology and manage rapid change. It is your responsibility as a director to help your board set the right tone, guide strategic directions, and determine appropriate risk tolerances. Do not do so “blindly” – stay ahead of the curve, work more effectively, and mirror today’s trends. It’s time for change in the corporate landscape…don’t you agree?

Webinar Highlights

During this one-hour discussion, Michelle will explore:

  • Why boards should embrace change and adopt a new way of thinking
  • What it means to adopt a Millennial mindset and the implications for Boards of Directors
  • Best practices for embracing a new way of thinking and applying it in the boardroom

About Michelle

Photo of Michelle Tartalio

Michelle Tartalio is the co-founder and director of Enlight Research. Enlight provides custom board intelligence for directors and forward-thinking companies. Michelle has served as an advisor to boards of directors and senior executives, helping them to be informed about the market through custom research and analysis when facing strategic challenges in their business. She has been a frequent speaker at corporate governance events on information asymmetry, generational impacts and technology in the boardroom. Founded in 2012, Enlight is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.

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