Fostering an Inclusive Workplace: Recognizing the Rewards of Inclusion

The Conference Board of Canada, June 10, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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Diversity is inviting new people to the party. Inclusion is asking them to dance.-Vanessa Slavich

Your recruiters have done their job and delivered the top notch, diverse talent your organization needs to succeed. Now what?

Is it time for those eager new employees to ‘sink or swim’ or is your organization ready to truly support this new talent pool in doing the best work they can? Many organizations are finding that a diversity strategy will only get you so far… in order to truly achieve your goals and get where you need to go, you’ll also need to dedicate a good part of your strategy to inclusion. So where can you start?

Webinar Highlights

Join Kristin Bower as she explores how inclusion in the workplace can enhance your diversity strategy and help you achieve organizational goals. Leading companies such as Vancity Savings and Credit Union, Walgreen’s, CIBC, Tim Horton’s and the Ford Motor Company have all recognized and embraced the value of diversity and inclusion, with great success for the employers and the employees themselves. Don’t miss this 60 minute session where Kristin will discuss:

  • The interconnectedness between attraction, recruitment, organizational culture and retention;
  • How to leverage your employee resource group to create dialogue around diversity and inclusion topics;
  • How to ensure that your leaders model inclusive behaviours
  • The connection between diversity, inclusion and innovation
  • Best practices and common pitfalls to avoid

About Kristin

Photo of Kristin Bower

Kristin Bower, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Vancity Savings and Credit Union

Kristin Bower is passionately committed to creating diverse and welcomingly inclusive workplaces. Her career in human resources spans 15 years and has taken her from a top rated Vancouver luxury hotel to employment agencies to her current employer, Vancity Savings and Credit Union. Her professional experience has seen the full employee life cycle – everything from hiring to firing. Her current role at Vancity is her favourite; as lead for Vancity’s diversity and inclusion plan, she is able to combine her passion for social advocacy and human resources at a values-based financial institution.

Kristin is also a tireless advocate for mental health awareness and has been working as a community correspondent with Partners for Mental Health since 2013. She authors a blog called Adventures of a Survivor and often writes posts from both a human resources perspective as well as that of lived experience in the area of mental illness and disability.

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