A Systems Perspective on High Performance Teamwork in Organizations

The Conference Board of Canada, March 21, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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In the changing business landscape, teams have the potential to revolutionize how work is accomplished. Research and practice point to a number of factors that impact team performance that can be understood through a systems approach.

Tom O’Neill, a leading researcher in team effectiveness, will share the current trends in organizational teamwork, focusing on the increasing necessity of collaboration, innovation and the changing environment that teams are working in. Taking a systemic approach, Tom will then walk us through the varying factors that impact team effectiveness focusing on organizational environment, team design, team dynamics, the role of leadership, and individual members. Leveraging both classic and emerging research, as well as industry trends, Tom will provide insights for navigating the new team landscape.

Webinar Highlights

During this 60-minute session you will:

  • Examine recent trends involving high performance teamwork in organizations.
  • Explore a systemic approach to team performance spanning organizational- to individual-level considerations
  • Gain insights into developing a high performing team through team assessment, feedback, and development

About Tom

photo of Tom O'NeillTom O’Neill, Ph.D. is an associate professor of industrial and organizational psychology at the University of Calgary and is a leading expert in the areas of team dynamics, virtual teams, conflict management, personality, and assessment. He is founder of the Individual and Team Performance Lab (2011), which seeks to unlock the keys to high performance teamwork in organizations. Tom spearheaded a free team assessment platform at itpmetrics.com. He was recognized with the University of Calgary Faculty of Arts New Scholar Award in 2014, the Canadian Psychological Association President’s New Researcher Award in 2015, and the University of Calgary's Teaching Scholar's Award in 2016.

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